The Foods and Drinks You Should Consume When You Have Braces

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When you had your braces placed over your smile, did your dentist, Dr. Damon Wright, and dental team mention how important it is to have a proper diet when you have braces? Most likely. Now, we understand that you might forget the details. Because we want you to have a top-notch orthodontic journey, we are happy to remind you about the proper diet once again here on this blog.

Please remember to avoid foods that are chewy, sugary, and sticky. These foods can cling to the teeth, harm the appliance, and promote tooth decay. Those foods could include taffy, caramel, granola bars, and gum.

Also, stay away from sugary, fizzy, and dark beverages. This is recommended because the drinks can threaten the teeth, erode the enamel (which can lead to tooth sensitivity), and promote the development of tooth decay. They can also stain the braces and chompers, giving you an unattractive appearance.

Finally, do your best to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drinking water can wash the harmful substances, like bacteria and sugary food particles, from your mouth, keep your mouth moist, and help you avoid dental issues.

Do you have any questions about the proper diet while you have braces in Jonesboro, Arkansas? If so, please contact our team at Wright Family Dentistry when you have the opportunity. All you need to do is dial 870.932.2300 and we will be thrilled to give you the answers you need!