The Benefits of Chewing Gum After Meals

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The benefits of chewing gum after meals include a variety of oral health benefits. Beware, chewing gum does contain sugar, so in order to prevent further risks from occurring, stick to sugarless gum. Listed below are some benefits sugarless gum can provide:

Sugarless gum, when chewed for a period longer than twenty minutes, can produce an excess amount of saliva that can effectively fight cavities. Not only can saliva aid in washing away food particles or bacteria from your teeth and gums, it also has the added effect of neutralizing harmful acids.

Sugarless gum can also help aid in the prevention and protection from heartburn. Thanks to its acid-neutralizing properties, not only will it better protect your teeth from any stomach acids that may find their way up into your mouth, but studies have shown chewing sugarless gum can even lower the risk of heartburn even occurring.

When looking for sugarless gum products to buy, look for ones with the ADA Seal of Acceptance or those that have been approved by your dentist at Wright Family Dentistry. For more information about alternative oral health remedies, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our office in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Dr. Damon Wright and our team at our dentist office can be reached at 870.932.2300. Let us help you protect your smile for a brighter future!