The 3 Worst Treats for Braces

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As you may have already heard, there are specific treats, candies, and foods that you should avoid eating when you have braces. This is because they can harm your orthodontic appliance and delay your treatment time. However, it might be difficult to avoid these things when you’re not sure what they are. So, to help you, our Wright Family Dentistry orthodontic team encourages you to avoid eating these treats:


Caramel is a delicious candy that is also extremely sticky, which is why it is so harmful to your orthodontic appliance. As you eat the caramel, it can get lodged between the teeth, gums, and braces and can be very difficult to remove. And, if you have a hard time cleaning your smile and you fail to clean each and every piece of the caramel, your teeth can be vulnerable to tooth decay, which is another problem in and of itself.

Saltwater Taffy

Saltwater taffy is also extremely sticky, which makes it very difficult to clean. If the candy gets stuck in your smile, your chances of developing tooth decay increase and it is very likely that you will alter the condition of your orthodontic appliance. So, it’s best to avoid this candy altogether.


The kernels in popcorn are what make the treat so dangerous. As you eat the little white puffs, the kernels can get lodged between your teeth and braces and they can easily break your appliance. This can also cause further orthodontic complications that we recommend you avoid. So, no matter the flavor of the popcorn, we strongly suggest staying away from this treat.

If you avoid these three treats, there is a high chance your smile will remain in tip-top shape and your braces will continue to align your smile. Just remember: This isn’t the end of the world. Once you get your braces off, you will be able to eat whatever you want. Until then, please avoid the treats, candies, and foods that can alter your treatment.

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