Teeth Whitening: Consider These Things Before You Start Treatment

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Are you interested in beautifying your smile by eliminating your unattractive tooth discoloration? If so, teeth whitening can help you achieve your smile goals. However, although teeth whitening is extremely beneficial, there are some things you should consider before starting treatment.

First, some whitening treatments can’t remove every stain in your smile. This means regular treatments you purchase at the store aren’t likely to remove stubborn discoloration, which would result in you wasting your time. So, talk to your dentist before starting a treatment so you know which product can give you the results you need.

Second, some dental insurances don’t cover teeth whitening treatment, and if it’s not covered, it can be expensive. We recommend calling your dental insurance company and seeing if the treatment is covered before you make a decision.

Third, in-office and at-home whitening treatments are very different. In-office treatments are quick, successful, and efficient. They can remove stubborn stains that take the beauty away from your smile. At-home treatments can brighten your smile within the walls of your own home. However, it might take some time to see results, and the treatment is likely to fail when removing hard, set-in stains.

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