Important Tips About Dental Anxiety

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Have you ever heard of dental anxiety? Although the term might not be relatively common to you, you have probably suffered from it. At some point in time, most everybody has fears and concerns about visiting their dentist office. Whether it be the idea of having someone work on your mouth or fears associated with oral health care procedures, it is common for individuals to stress or feel anxiety about receiving oral health care. This is known as dental anxiety. Fortunately, there are numerous treatments that exist to help treat, lessen, or eliminate the condition, including the following:

– Dental anxiety can be treated with the use of calming and relaxing music.

– You can help ease the stress of dental anxiety by practicing meditation or yoga.

– Biofeedback has been shown to be helpful for preventing dental anxiety.

– Holding a squeeze toy such as a stress ball or fidget spinner may help during treatments.

– Regulating breathing can be effective by breathing deeply, slowly, and counting your breaths.

– Dental anxiety can sometimes be linked to an ignorance of the dental procedures at hand. Thus, never be afraid to ask your dentist any questions you may have to help alleviate any fears associated with the unknown.

– Any potential fears of pain that you may experience can easily be relieved with sedation dentistry and local anesthetics.

– Put yourself in a happy place that can help ease your mind, including at a beach, garden, or other location that brings you joy.

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