Harmful Everyday Habits for the Smile

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Did you know there are everyday habits you might have that can harm your smile? Well, it’s true. This is why your dentist, Dr. Damon Wright, strongly encourages you to avoid them at all costs so you can have top-notch teeth and gums as well as a strong oral health. To help you avoid those habits, our dentist is happy to list them right here on this blog.

-Using your teeth to open a package or tear a tag off a piece of clothing. In other words, using your teeth as tools (The pressure applied to the teeth during these tasks can cause minor and major tooth cracks)

-Using tobacco products (Doing so can harm your teeth, gums, and entire body)

-Not protecting your smile with a mouthguard when you’re playing high-contact sports and activities (A mouthguard can keep your teeth and gums safe when you suffer a blow to the face)

-Biting your nails (This habit can alter the alignment of your teeth and even cause tooth fractures)

-Using a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash that have not been approved by the American Dental Association (The ADA approves products that are proven to be safe and effective in an oral hygiene routine)

-Covering your toothbrush bristles with a cover before they have a chance to dry (This habit creates a moist environment that encourages bacteria to live and multiply)

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