Create Your Passage to a Beautiful Smile With a Dental Bridge

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If you are missing one or more teeth, it may be time to review your options for tooth replacement, including substituting your missing teeth for a custom dental bridge. This dental appliance is an artificial tooth or teeth fused between two dental crowns that permanently anchor onto your surrounding teeth to complete your smile.

A dental bridge can benefit your smile in many ways, and we have provided a list of some of the common uses of dental bridges:

– Preserve facial structure or restore your face to its original fullness
– Repair tooth loss by restoring your missing teeth
– Strengthening the force of your bite
– Restoring your ability to chew and speak properly
– Preventing the nearby natural teeth from drifting into new positions

The procedure of placing a dental bridge is simple, though it often requires two visits to Wright Family Dentistry, depending on your condition and the equipment used. At your first visit, we will make room for the new dental crowns by trimming the tooth enamel of the neighboring teeth, which creates the space to fit the dental crowns over the teeth. We will then create impressions of these areas and any corresponding teeth so that a professional dental lab can form the bridge. While you wait, we can improve the function of your mouth by placing temporary dental crowns.

At your second appointment, these temporary crowns are removed and Dr. Damon Wright evaluates the fit and function of the permanent dental bridge to ensure it fits well in your smile and will perform the necessary tasks before it is cemented into place.

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