Dental Floss Can Have Some Minor Variations

The American Dental Association identifies an effective daily oral hygiene routine as brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing once each evening. Ideally, you want to floss after you are done eating for the day. While there are some minor differences in composition, such as nylon or monofilament as well as an array of added flavors, there are basically... read more »

Basic First-Aid and Treatment Information for a Tongue Injury

While it might be mildly surprising, accidentally biting your tongue when you’re chewing gum or eating food rarely results in a significant injury. Unfortunately, there are rare instances when an oral accident or blow to the face can cause a serious tongue injury. The bleeding and severity of the injury will directly influence the best way to treat it. If... read more »

Gum – It’s Good for your Teeth

While the title of this blog post may seem counterintuitive, it's actually true. Chewing gum - sugar-free, of course - can have a big positive impact on your overall oral health. To explain that impact, let's take a look at exactly how gum helps improve your teeth and overall oral health. Stimulates saliva production Believe it or not, but chewing... read more »

The Dangers That Can Cause Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal gum disease is caused by bacteria in your mouth that destroys the surrounding tissues around your teeth. This process is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The skilled team of dentists at Wright Family Dentistry has many treatment options for stopping the disease, or more importantly preventing it to begin with. There are also a few things... read more »

Enamel Erosion: The Tips You Need to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

As you may already know, there are many dental issues in the world today and it's best to avoid them altogether. One issue to watch out for is enamel erosion. If you let it get to your smile, there is a high chance you can suffer from tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration, tooth fractures, and tooth cracks. So, do your best... read more »

The Case to Be Made for Dental Implants

If you or someone you know has suffered irreversible tooth decay or tooth loss, options are available for different replacement services. Dental bridges can be installed, dentures are still widely offered and used, and dental implants are also available. Some of the best reasons to go with dental implants are as follows: - You can speak much freer and easier,... read more »

Tooth Anatomy: What You Should Know

Are you interested in protecting your oral health? Do you ever wonder if there could be more you might consider doing? Would you be surprised to know that learning more about the anatomy of your teeth may be helpful? You see, if you understand more about the makeup of your teeth, you could apply that knowledge to improving your oral... read more »

Treatment Options for Dealing with a Missing Filling

A filling is intended to repair a small to medium sized cavity for many years. However, no filling will last forever. While some fillings might give you a warning sign that they are about to fail, like a graying in the enamel or a change in texture, some are simply lost in the seeming blink of an eye. In general,... read more »

Nail Biting: the Affects it has on Your Teeth

Bad habits such as not making the bed, or leaving your laundry on the floor are can annoy some people, but, fortunately, aren’t detrimental to your health. On the other hand, would you be surprised to learn that nail biting can lead to problems with your teeth, but can also cause other issues? You see, nails are usually the dirtiest... read more »

Taking Care of a Temporary Crown Is Essential

It’s important to remember that Dr. Damon Wright only intended your temporary crown to protect the tooth long enough for the dental lab to finish your permanent crown. The temporary crown does not actually restore the full function of the tooth’s ability to bite off, chew, or grind food. If the temporary crown comes loose, falls off, or is damaged... read more »